Do you want to be the most dominating top player in your gym?

Being dominant is more than just staying on top and winning on points. It’s about creating a miserable experience for the bottom player and closing the deal with high percentage submissions that make the crowd pop.

We aren’t talking about some every day, Fundamentals class Mount game.

We are talking about a DOMINATING MOUNT!

- Tap to pressure kind of mount
- Give me subs to stop the suffering kind of mount
- Armbars feel too easy kind of mount
- No gi Ezekiel that actually works kind of mount
- Why can’t I get this dude off me kind of Mount
- Triangles that make the crowd say “oooooohhhhh” kind of mount
- Gogoplata on everybody kind of mount


A Sneak Peak Inside

Here's what you can expect from the MOUNT DOMINANCE course.


Alan Belcher
Black Belt and Former UFC fighter

Brandon Mccaghren is THE MOST easy to learn from Jiu Jitsu instructor I've ever seen. No kidding. 100% hes the most entertaining, as well. BMAC put together a membership site that I told him, as a consultant, to charge $100 a month for lol. He over delivers and truly holds his customers experience and value at his highest priority. 

Christopher McConnell
Blue Belt at 10th Planet Mobile 

In sport BJJ, I am infinitely more confident getting out of mount than any other past-guard position purely because of the sweep Brandon taught me, which is now dubbed in our gym “the bmac”

Johnny Buck
Collegiate Wrestler, Brown Belt - Owner at Rogue Combat Club 

I have been in and around grappling since I started wrestling in the 8th grade. The past few months on the site and having Brandon come up for 2 seminars has done more to evolve my game than any single person in over 17 years of grappling. From broad concepts to minutia, this site does it all. It is a MUST have for beginners and coaches alike. All my members are highly encouraged to join.