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10p Zero to 10p Hero in 30 Days

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Essential for the Modern Jiu Jitsu Game

Lay a great Leg Locking foundation with 4 weeks of dedicated drilling.

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10p Zero to 10p HERO in 30 days!

My flagship program to help you inject the most important part of the 10th Planet system directly into your game.

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The Most Versatile Sub in Jiu Jitsu

For only $19, you'll get access to our entire 1 month curriculum.

Start strangling folks!

Improve Your Guard

Learn the fundamentals of the Butterfly guard in just 4 weeks. 

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Who is Brandon McCaghren?

Brandon Mccaghren earned his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Eddie Bravo and was the first 10th Planet Instructor in the entire Southeastern United States. He has received each of his Jiu Jitsu ranks directly from Eddie Bravo.

Brandon is one of the most highly respected instructors in the global 10th Planet organization, teaching seminars all over the United States and Internationally on a regular basis.

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Decatur was recognized as the top-ranked academy in the 10th Planet system in 2014, largely in part to the team's competitive successes and Brandon's reputation as a world-class instructor.


The Truck

Go in Depth on one of the most crucial parts of the 10th Planet System. This 30 day course will send you from 10p Zero to 10p Hero!

Learn How to Stop Getting Crushed From the Bottom

Do you often find yourself at the bottom of side control with no idea where to go or what to do? 

Stop Getting Crushed From the Bottom

A free 4 video series to help those that are struggling in the bottom positions.


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